Did you wake up smiling?

Oh, the irony

It’s ironic, isn’t it?

It’s ironic that you avoid fear, but everything that makes you feel alive goes through fear.

It’s ironic that you seek comfort, but achieving anything of substance goes through discomfort.

It’s ironic that you always seek pleasure, not realizing that it’s through pain that you discover who you really are.

It’s ironic that when you finally get your business soaring, you prematurely ground it by playing it safe.

Solve the irony

You? A storyteller?

It doesn’t matter…

Where you were born.

What culture you grew up in.

Whether you’re young or old.

Because your life is a narrative.

And you write the script.

Whether you accept it or not.

Whether you believe it or not.

Your story is being written by you

every single moment

of every single day.

It’s just so dang hard to remember.











But you have to remember.

Click to remember

Making things up

Take a look around you...

Everything around you was made up using a simple process.

First, there was an idea

Then someone designs it

Then someone builds it

Then it becomes reality


This is reality making 101 - just take a look around you.

  • What books you read (if you even read anymore)
  • Whether wars are fought
  • How fast you age
  • What games you play
  • Who you interact with
  • What works of art get created
  • Same with beautiful music
  • Whether you're a bigot or accepting
  • Love and fear